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Full OpenVPN on Windows

OpenVPN Installation and Setup (All Traffic Routed Through VPN Server)

    1. Download and install OpenVPN for your system from here (Be sure to click "Install" and accept the installation of the TAP Driver, this driver is needed for OpenVPN to function!): http://underleech.org/openvpn-client.msi

    1. After installation is complete, reboot your system to ensure the driver is fully installed.

    1. Download and extract the config package e-mailed to you which contains the config files and certificate keys needed. Be sure to put these files in a safe location where they won't be stolen or deleted. (If you don't have the config package in your email make sure you check your spam/junk folder, this is common)

      • Note: If you checked your spam/junk folder and still can't find your config package or accidentally deleted/lost it, you can request your config package be re-sent to you by logging in to your WHMCS account, selecting "Products & Services", select your VPN Plan from the list, and then click the "Resend Config" button. Please be aware this does not create a new certificate/key, if you believe your key/certificate has been stolen please contact VPN Support.

      • Important: Do not share your VPN config package with others, a certificate can only connect to the server one at a time, if you give it to someone else and they try to connect it will knock you off the VPN. When you reconnect it would knock them off, and the cycle would continue. If you want your friends/family to have the protection of a VPN have them create their own account and purchase their own plan. Perhaps consider setting up an affiliate account to earn money for your referrals.

    1. Run the OpenVPN client (will be installed to All Programs - OpenVPN Client - OpenVPN Client).

    1. Click the "+" (Plus) next to "Connection Profiles" and select "Local File" and click "Import".

    1. A file select dialog box will open, navigate to where you put your config file packages you were e-mailed and select "client.ovpn" and click the Open button.

    1. In the Edit Profile box, leave the default options and click "Save"

    1. OpenVPN is now configured, to connect simple click on the name of the profile box you just created "client"

    1. The connect dialog box will open and go through the connection process, when its done you will get a status box showing the server IP address, duration, etc.

    1. Minimize this box which will minimize it to the system tray.

    1. It's now a good idea to confirm the connection is working by visiting http://www.whatismyip.com and confirming it shows the server IP address and not your own. If the server IP is showing, everything is working properly and you can now use your VPN account.

  1. If you wish to torrent with your VPN account you simply need to copy the torrent port assigned to you (found under my products/services page), open your torrent clients settings, and enter that torrent port for the incoming port in the client settings. In most clients this is found under the Network tab.

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