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Selective OpenVPN with Socks Proxy (Windows)

Using Your OpenVPN Selectively By Using Socks Proxy

Using OpenVPN in its normal full VPN mode will cause all your traffic to be sent over the VPN connection. This includes background traffic, all your applications, gaming, etc. Sometimes a user wants to only sent some applications or traffic over the VPN and this is possible with our Socks Proxy mode. When using the socks proxy mode, a VPN connection is made to the server but all your internet usage continues to be sent out as normal, through your own Internet connection, but you can setup most applications to use the VPN by utilizing the socks proxy server on the VPN server. For example, let's say you only want your browser traffic to be sent out through the VPN, or only your IRC traffic, you can setup these programs to connect using the socks proxy server and those programs alone will be sent over the VPN through our server.
  1. Make sure you have already setup the OpenVPN client on your system, instructions can be found here: http://www.underleech.org/whmcs/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=16

  2. Open the OpenVPN client program and add a new connection profile (click the "+" - plus sign next to "Connect Profiles")

  3. Select to import a "Local File" and navigate to your config files you extracted from our email zip file and select "client-socks.ovpn" and click "Open". Leave the default settings and click "Save"

  4. Connect to the server by clicking the name of the new connection profile button "client-socks", this will start the connection and when done it will show you a status box.

  5. Now that the VPN is connected the next step is to setup the program you want to use for usage of a socks proxy. Most applications support a proxy and you can find this in the programs settings. For Chrome or Firefox we recommend you use a free program called "Foxy Proxy Standard" which can be downloaded from here: http://getfoxyproxy.org/downloads.html

  6. The settings you will need are (Choose Manual Proxy Configuration):
    • Host/IP Address (of Proxy Server):
    • Port: 1080
    • Socks Proxy: YES (or check the box for Socks Proxy) and choose V5 (Version 5) if you are asked for a version.
    • Leave authentication blank, no password or username is needed
    • Screen Shot Of How Foxy Proxy Should Look:

  7. If using Foxy Proxy you will need to enable the proxy by right clicking on the Fox icon that is placed on the toolbar or address bar which should have a slash through it and choose "Use For All URLS" which will enable the proxy. You can also selectively set Foxy Proxy to use the proxy/vpn for only specific URLS with a little more configuration. When you connect to a site over the proxy the fox icon will turn blue or green and spin letting you know your traffic is being sent over the proxy.

  8. Setting up most programs is done in this similar manner.

If you have any questions contact or VPN Support department.

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