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Setup Your DD-WRT Router To Use OpenVPN

How To Setup OpenVPN On Your Router (DD-WRT)

(This Guide Requires Your Router Have DD-WRT As It's Firmware)

  1. Connect to the router config interface.
  2. Under the Setup - Basic Setup Tab Do The Following:
    1. On The Setup - Basic Setup Tab Under "Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)" Enter for Static DNS 1 and For Static DNS 2 (Google's DNS servers)
    2. Under Time Settings Set Your Time Zone and enter time.nist.gov for The server ip/name (To ensure your router keeps the correct date/time)
    3. Click Save.
  3. Open the config.ovpn file in your Underleech VPN config zip.  Your server name and port will be on the first line next to "remote" you will need these 2 pieces of information from the file in the next steps. Be sure to use the config.conf or config.ovpn file (NOT the -socks file)
  4. Under the Services - VPN tab do the following:
    1. Locate OpenVPN Client section, set Start OpenVPN Client to Enable.
    2. Enter the server name obtained from step 3 above for Server IP/Name.
    3. Enter the port obtained from step 3 above for Port.
    4. Set Tunnel Device to TUN
    5. Set Tunnel Protocol to UDP
    6. Make sure Encryption Cipher is set to Blowfish CBC
    7. Hash alorithim should be SHA1
    8. Set Advanced Options to "Enable"
    9. Set use LZO compression to Enable.
    10. Set NAT to enable.
    11. TUN MTU Setting should be 1500
    12. For CA Cert copy the entire text from the ca.crt file in your config zip.
    13. For Public Client Cert copy the entire text from the .crt file in your config zip.
    14. For the Pirvate Client Key copy the entire text from the .key file in your config zip.
    15. Leave all other options as default.
    16. Click Apply Settings.
  5. After the settings are saved and applied (give this several minutes) click the OpenVPN tab under Status.
  6. Confirm there are no errors and use a site such as www.whatismyip.com to ensure you are now connected via the VPN.

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