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Filezilla set up

Filezilla set up


1) Click on File ( top left)

2) click on site manager
3) to the right you should see a tab called General
4) Host is either your IP or the name we gave you *.underleech.org
5) Protocol is FTP - File Transfer Protocol
6) Encryption is Require explicit FTP over TLS
7) Port is included in your email.
**  If you have received a different port in your email, use that instead
8) Logon Type is Normal
9) User needs to be the same as your webui login
10) password this is the same pass as your webui login

Once you have followed these steps your ftp should work fine
if not disable your firewall as it could be blocking it then add fillzilla to your firewall allowed list



Fillzilla transfering with muliple connections:

Go to Edit then settings.
On the transfers tab of your settings, set your Maximum simultaneous transfers to a higher number.

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